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Welcome to The Oregon Map
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36 Counties, 9 Regions, One State, One Map, One Taxlot Base GIS for Public and Private use
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Welcome to the ORMAP home page

The 1999 Oregon Legislature provided funding for ORMAP (the Oregon Map) through a document-recording fee collected by the counties. This money is put into the ORMAP fund, separate from the state General Fund, to be used only for the development of the Oregon Map.

The ORMAP project will develop a statewide property tax parcel base map that is digital, publicly accessible, and continually maintained. This move from paper to computer-based mapping will help and improve the administration of the property tax system. In addition, it will allow public and private organizations to support a wide variety of GIS (geographic information system) applications. In addition to the maps themselves you will find information about our program, the funding for counties, contact information, meeting schedules, links to county websites, help in using this site, and steps to take if you want further access to the data.

You may also find more detailed information through the Counties Assessor's Offices or visit the County Web Sites.